How long can I use a bike?

An explanation of the rental time and extended rental

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All trips with us include 60 minutes of use without any extra cost. You can use the bike you rent for a longer period of time by paying for extended rental.

You'll be notifies 5 minutes before we charge you for extended rental. You can use the bike for up to 3 hours at a time by paying 15 NOK per 15 minutes after the included rental time.

What happens if i return the bike too late?

  • If you keep a bike for more than 60 minutes you'll be charged 15 NOK per 15 minutes.

  • You won't be able to unlock a bike without a valid payment card registered.

  • Your account can eventually be blocked if you return late too many times.
    Make sure to let us know if anything goes wrong

How long can i keep a bike?

  • You can use your bike without any extra cost up to 60 minutes per trip

  • You can keep the bike for up to 3 hours with extended rental.

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