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Intro to the business solutions
Intro to the business solutions

This is how the solution works

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Register as a user first, you do that here.

After registration, you enter the interface to create codes, it looks like this:

Choose between a 30-day pass, a 3-day pass/Discover Bergen, Single ride or a 365-day pass.. To generate codes, tap the type of product you want to share. You can either send codes via e-mail or download the codes as an excel file.

When you click on the desired product, you will be taken to the creation and sharing page. Here you first fill in "Intern reference", which becomes the name of the bulk of codes you create. You will also find this later under "Your codes"

Then enter the email addresses of those who will receive the value code.

Write a message, if you want, to everyone who receives a value code.

At the bottom you see how many codes you have generated, and how much you will be charged if everyone redeems the code.

Once the recipients have received the codes, they only need to download the Bergen Bysykkel app and redeem it there. When a code is redeemed, it will change its status to "Redeemed".

You can get an overview of all redeemed codes under "Your codes" and then "Redeemed". Here you can see when you shared the code, when it will be redeemed and who has redeemed the code (if you have sent it via email)) . You will not be charged for a generated code if it is not used.

Under "Account" at the top right, you see who is now logged in. Here you can invite administrators to give more people access to share codes.

In receipts you can see an overview of deductions. The amount for use is deducted on the 1st of each month.

All products that are shared become active from the time you take out a bike. For example, you can redeem a 24-hour pass and use it the following week, if you wish. Read more about frequently asked questions and terms of use.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us here in the chat, send an email or call 902 59 737 (weekdays 9-22:45).

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