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Unlock and park bike in virtual stations

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We are expanding the capacity of selected stations with virtual locks. Here you can take out and park bicycles that are not locked in a station.

How to unlock a bike in virtual station:

In the app, you get an overview of available bikes:

The name is on the upper side of the frame of the bike. Find the bike and select it in the app.

Press the button on the bicycle handlebar when the app asks for it. The lock on the bike should then open by itself.

Parking in a virtual station

You can only park virtually when the physical station is full. If there are free virtual locks, you will see "End the trip here" in the app.

You will then receive a message in the app that looks like this:

Wait until the front light flashes blue and push the locking pin down (make sure that the lock does not hit the spokes in the wheel as you will not be able to push the locking pin down if the lock hits the spokes in the wheel). When the light on the front of the bike lights up green, the bike has been delivered.

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