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Your responsibility as a city cyclist
Your responsibility as a city cyclist

Things to be aware of when using this service.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind when using Bergen City Bike:

  • You are responsible for the bike from the time you unlock it from a station until you have delivered it back to a station. Always check the app for confirmation that the bike has been delivered correctly. βœ…

  • If the City Bike you last used is still missing from the system after 14 days, it is considered lost, and you will receive an invoice of NOK 5 000. Also, if the last used bike shows up with extensive damage so that it has to be discarded or cannot be used without extensive repairs, you will be liable for the damages regardless of the time that has passed, and will receive an invoice of NOK 5000.

  • If you should encounter anything unforeseen including accidents or damages during your ride, you are obliged to contact Bergen Bysykkel as soon as possible either by chat, trough mail, or call us on 902 59 737.

  • A City Bike product is personal and cannot be transferred to someone else.

  • You are responsible for paying attention and following the traffic rules when using a city bike.🚦

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