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How to pause a trip
How to pause a trip

This is how the bike is locked outside specified areas

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You have the chance to pause the trip along the way, if you are going for a quick trip to the store, for example! Here's how to pause a trip:

When you are on a trip, the button "Pause the trip" will appear in the app:

Press the pause button and you'll get this:

Wait until the front light flashes blue and then pull the locking pin on the bike down. (Make sure that the lock does not hit the rims in the wheel, then you will not be able to push the locking pin down.) When the light on the front of the bike lights up green, everything is fine.

​The bike is now safely locked until you open it again. This is done by pressing the unlock button in the app:

The locking pin will then go up by itself.


The bike makes an alarm sound if someone tries to move the bike when it is locked.

This ends as soon as the bike stops moving.

Remember to never leave a bike unlocked. Contact us as soon as possible via chat or phone if you find that things are not working, and we will help you.

Have a nice trip!

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