Full and empty stations

What you can do if you get to a full or an empty station

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Bergen City Bikes is a service that is meant to be shared between all of our members. 

Unfortunately we cannot promise that there will be an available lock or bike near you at all times. Our drivers move the bikes wherever they are needed from morning till evening. Rush hour also affects the system in the mornings and in the afternoon.

Good to know

If a station is about to be filled up with bikes or gets emptied, our crew will be notified.

What you can do

  • Check if there are locks available before you unlock a bike

  • In the app and the station map on our website, you can see both available locks and bikes before you start your trip

  • If the station you get to is full, ride over to the closest available one

  • Activate extended rental and use a bike for up to 3 hours

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