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What types of products are there?
What types of products are there?

An overview of the different subscriptions we offer

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We offer four different types of products:

  1. Annual pass: 489 NOK

  2. 30 day subscription: 169 NOK

  3. Single ride: 29 NOK

  4. 23-day pass/ Discover Bergen: 119 NOK

60 minutes per trip
All our subscriptions has a limit of 60 minute per trip.
If you want to keep the same bike for a longer period of time, extended rental is available for 15 NOK per 15 minutes, after the included 60 minutes. You can read more about this here.

Remember that you can deliver your bicycle within the rental time and take out a new one at once, as many times as you want within our opening hours.

โ€‹Eager to try it out?
Buy a subscription here or download the app for iPhone or Android.

Do you want more information on the Bergen City Bikes and how it works? Check this out.

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