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What happens if my bike gets stolen?
What happens if my bike gets stolen?

Information about the replacement fee

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From the moment you retrieve a bike up until it's parked correctly at one of our stations, you are responsible for the bike. If it gets stolen, you'll be liable for the bike and after the bike has been missing for 14 days you'll get charged 5000 NOK.
Make sure that the bike is placed correctly in the lock when you park it.
If you park a bike anywhere other than in one of our stations, the bike will be your responsibility.ย 

Why will I get the invoice after 14 days?
The City Bikes are for sharing and a bicycle short makes a big difference for our members. A bicycle that has been unavailable for 14 days is roughly 129 lost trips, so the cost is the total value of having to replace the bike.

What does the terms of use say?
If a bike is out of the system for 14 days, that's a violation of our terms. You'll be liable for the bike, regardless of whether it comes back or not.

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