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The app shows I'm in the wrong place
The app shows I'm in the wrong place

Troubleshooting when the apps' location is off

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Have you experienced the app thinking you're another place than you are?

First and foremost, make sure that the station that shows up in the app is the same one that you're standing next to. 

It might take the GPS a little while to calibrate, but if it doesn't find the correct position after a few seconds try out these tips and tricks: 

  • Press the zoom button in the bottom right corner of the map

  • Close and restart the app

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the app. If you not, update it

  • Turn your phone off and on again

  • Delete the app and install it once more

  • Check where you're located in Google Maps. If you're not getting the right location there, there's not much we can do. This probably means that the problem lies on your phone

If you have an iPhone and you position is locked on a place you usually visit it might help to reset "frequently visited places":

  • Go to: Settings --> Privacy --> Location Services --> System Services (at the bottom of the list) --> Significant locations and press clear history at the bottom 

  • Restart the app afterwards 

Still doesn't work? Talk to us through the app or on Facebook and we'll help you out.

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