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Getting started with Bergen City Bike!
Getting started with Bergen City Bike!

How to set up a subscription and use the city bikes

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Just follow these steps:

How to register and set up a subscription

  1. Follow this link in order to buy a subscription

  2. Choose the type of subscription you want

  3. Enter your phone number and your credit card information 

  4. Tada! Your subscription is signed, sealed, delivered and Bergen is yours to explore 🎉 

How to use the city bikes

Download the app for iPhone or Android.

  1. Fill in your profile 

  2. Check the availability of each of the stations in the app or here 

  3. You can use a city bike for 60 minutes at a time, or 3 hours with extended rental activated

Find a city bike

In the app you can always see where the stations are located, and how many bikes are available at each of them. By clicking your preferred station in the app, you can see how far away it is. 

Unlock a bike

You use the app to unlock bikes.

  • When standing next to a station it will say "unlock a bike" on the bottom of the screen. Press it

  • The app will show you which bike you can retrieve

  • Take it out of the parking spot and enjoy the ride 😎 

While your out and about

When you have a bike, the app will show you:

  • How long you have used it

  • The name of the station you started your trip

  • How many spots are available

Parking a city bike 

  • Push the bike into an open slot, and you will hear a jingle

  • The light in front of the lock will show a green light, and the light on the back of the bike will stop blinking red

  • The app will notify that "your bike has been delivered" with the name of the station you rode to and from, how long the trip lasted and the name of the bike

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