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Android - App permissions needed to use BetterYou
Android - App permissions needed to use BetterYou

Android-specific information

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What permissions do I need to enable on Android?

The permissions depend on the types of goals you want to set.

Notification Permission – allows BetterYou to keep you on track with your goals, update you of your progress, notify you about rewards, and celebrate your success.

Contacts – only applies to the Talk Time goal, which prompts you to choose who you want to stay in contact with. By allowing BetterYou access to your contacts, you can choose who in your life you want to stay in touch with. That way, we can remind you if you haven’t given your mom a call like you set as a goal.

  • How Your Privacy Is Safe - We do not share your data, period, and that goes for every permission. The only person who knows you called your mom is you and your mom.

Activity Recognition - BetterYou uses activity recognition to sync with your phone's sensors to give you credit for your activity. An example is counting steps.

Alarms and Reminders - Allow BetterYou to send you notifications at specific times throughout the day. This will help you reach your goals.

App Usage - Android members that have an app-based goal set are prompted with this permission notification. BetterYou requests this permission in order to automatically credit members for their progress in apps related to their goals. Example: If Sean has a Learning goal set and spends 30 minutes a day on Duolingo, allowing this permission enables BetterYou to automatically log that progress on the app.

Battery Optimization - Turning OFF battery optimization allows BetterYou to work in the background to accurately give you credit toward your goals and provide you with faster updates on your progress.

Google Fit / Samsung Health / Wearables – This relates directly to steps goals. This allows BetterYou to give you credit for your daily steps and counts them towards your fitness goal.

For the best possible experience while using the app, ensure you're using the most recent version and that your OS is also up to date!

Please reach out to us directly at with any questions

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