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How to sync wearables/watches
How to sync wearables/watches
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Connecting a Fitbit

To connect a FitBit to the app follow these steps:

  1. Open and sync your wearable to the FitBit app before opening BetterYou to ensure we have the latest available data!

    1. For ANDROID users this is important because the BetterYou app grabs data directly from your FitBit account whenever you open the BetterYou app or as it runs in the background, if you leave the app open.

    2. For iOS users the Fitbit data is aggregated into Apple Health on your device and we pull your steps data from there.

  2. Ensure you've synced your FitBit with the BetterYou app (look under PROFILE > Wearables > FitBit for the green checkmark)

  3. It can take up to 15 minutes for the data to update the goal. If you want to try and bypass waiting, go into your Goals dashboard and pull down on the screen to refresh your goals.

Connecting Other Wearables like a Fitness Tracker, Pedometer, etc.

(Android or iOS)

IF your wearable device syncs with your mobile device (Android or iOS) then the data captured by your wearable is collected via the native health app (Google Fit or Apple Health). BetterYou is designed to work in the background to pull data directly from Google Fit and/or Apple Health to update any relevant goals you've set within the BetterYou app.

To connect other brands/types of wearables and watches follow these steps:

  1. Sync your wearable with your mobile device, through the wearable-app, first.

  2. Open the BetterYou app, pull down on the screen to refresh the app, and you will see your Goals updated.

** Regrettably we cannot account for every wearable out there because some don't sync with Google Fit and/or Apple Health.

Please reach out to us directly at with any questions

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