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One of our newest features, Journey Center, is a place you can go to view your previous weekly reviews and goal recommendations in one place. Whether you accidentally closed out of a week in review, or just want to go back and see how you did at various points in your journey, this is the place to see the information!

From the Goals Page:

How it works:

There's a new BetterBot icon in the upper-righthand corner of the Goals dashboard indicating it has new updates and information for you to check out!

To access your updates:

  1. Tap on the BetterBot icon

  2. Review the various messages by tapping on one to expand it.

  3. Follow the prompts to review the update.

  4. Completing the review will close the Journey Center and put you back in your Goals dashboard.

Journey Center Menu:


This is where you find rewards. More about how rewards work here.

Recent Tips

Come back here to see the most recent things we've recommended you find time for. You might notice BetterYou stop by and ask if you want to plan a trip to the gym, find a time to meditate soon, or give that important person a call. We trigger these based on goals you've said are important to you, but only when you're at risk of not hitting the goal you set.


Week in Review - This acts like a highlight reel of your past accomplishments. When you're hitting your goals, we save the reviews so you have a way to come back and revisit the progress you've made.


Recommit to Your Goal - When you haven't hit your goal, you'll notice that we give you a little summary and remind you that it's okay to not always be at 100%. Then we ask you to recommit to keep yourself on track and accountable to yourself! These remain available so you can come back and remind yourself what to focus on.

Please reach out to us directly at with any questions

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