Rewards to Maximize Goals

Here's how rewards are calculated, reasons they may be random, and other rewards & prizes you can win.

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Understanding BetterYou's Milestone Areas and Rewards

At BetterYou, we strive to motivate our members to accomplish their goals and reach their desired outcomes. We use milestone areas and rewards to incentivize and celebrate our members’ successes. Read on to learn more about our milestone areas, reward calculations, and how you can earn more rewards.

Milestone Areas

  1. Adding buddies

  2. Buddy challenges

  3. Viewing highlights/turnarounds in the app

  4. Making progress toward your goals

Milestone Reward Calculations

Rewards are calculated based on many factors throughout the app. We incorporate a combination of the 4 milestone areas and the activity associated with them.

Goal setting and achieving them are weighted a bit higher, but all 4 milestone areas are considered when awarding rewards.

Why are rewards random?

By employing a “Now-That Rewards” philosophy we ensure members set goals that will help them achieve the outcomes they want.

This philosophy allows members to set goals aligned to their individual interests and needs, as opposed to goals that only offer rewarded outcomes.

To learn more about the difference between Now-That and If-Then rewards, check out this Linkedin article and the accompanying Ted Talk video.

Other Rewards and Prizes

Members have other ways to gain rewards through running organization challenges. By hitting their designated goals for each challenge, members can become eligible to receive prizes or awards based on challenge rules.

BetterYou also runs monthly challenges to promote activity and engagement among members. Past challenges include the Fourth of July Steps Challenge, the August National Wellness Month Goal Setter Challenge, and the Trick or Treat Halloween Challenge. Qualifying members are eligible to win prizes for these monthly challenges.

For more information on earning rewards, check out the BetterYou Help Article Earning Rewards.

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