How to create a Bexpress Pro Account?

1. Download the Bexpress Pro application

You can download it on App Store for IOS and Play Store for Android phone.

2. Open the Bexpress Pro and click [Create Your Account]

Insert the email address and the password that you will use for your account.

After reading carefully the Terms of Use, Private Policy and AML Policy, click the checkbox then click [Next].

NOTE: Your password must contain 8-16 characters, numbers and symbols.

3. After clicking on [Next], you will see the “E-mail Authentication”. Click on [Send].

  • We will send a verification code to your email and click [ OK ].

  • Email authentication must be completed within 15 minutes.

  • To start the transaction, you must first submit your profile in the State of Settings for verification.

4. For faster login begin authentication registration

(For IOS and Android Application only)

5. If you want to use fingerprint authentication for a quick login, click [ OK ].

6. If you want to register a PIN code, click [ OK ]

Enter the PIN code you want to use and click [ OK ]

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