• Click on [ Settings ] at the bottom right-hand corner of your Application where you can find the KYC State.

  • KYC state has four steps: (Email Verification, Mobile Verification, Profile Verification and Identity & Address Verification)

  • Depending on your authentication and security level, your withdrawal limit may vary. Kindly refer to the [ Notice ] below for more details.

KYC Level 2 : Mobile Verification

Click on [ Mobile Verification (Lv. 2) ]

  • You will see the SMS Authentication page. Click the drop-down arrow and choose your country code. Input your Mobile number and click on [ Done ].

We will send a verification code to your mobile number. Enter the code before five (5) minutes. Then click on [ Confirm ]

KYC Level 2 : Profile Verification

Click on [ Profile Verification (Lv. 2) ]

  • You will see the Profile Verification page. Click the drop-down arrow and select your Country/Area. Then click on [ Next ].

Kindly fill up the needed information and click on [ Next ].

  • Fill in your current address, click on [ Next]. Then fill in your permanent address.

  • If your permanent address is the same as your current address, click on the check box below the form. Then click on [ Next ].

Click on the drop-down arrow, choose your employment status.

  • If you are Employed fill in the form. If you are either Unemployed, Retired or a Student click one of the checkboxes that corresponds to your answer.

Then click on [ Next ].

KYC Level 2 : ID & Address Verification

Click on the [ ID & Address Verification (Lv.2) ]

Upload your Government-issued ID (Front and Back).

Upload a photo with your valid ID and photo of Proof of address.

Click the red button and wait for a code that will be sent to your mobile number.

Record a video of yourself saying the code while holding your valid ID. Then click on

[ Done ]

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