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In our development version, adding a custom domain is quite tricky. This is why we recommend this functionality only to experts. 

This article covers: 

Only when signing up for an online shop, you can enter your own shop address. Be aware, that this is the only possibility. It is NOT possible to change your shop address afterwards.

If you leave the field empty, your shop address will look like this: https://YourShopName.beyondshop.cloud. If you don't want beyondshop.cloud as part of your shop address, you can bring your own shop address with a custom domain. 

How to get a custom domain

You need to register your desired shop address with an external domain provider. You can find several domain providers in the internet. Before you decide on a domain provider, make sure that it offers to change the DNS A Record of your domain.

How to configure your custom domain

Once you've registered your custom domain, you need to configure this domain according to our IP address. This step is necessary, in order to clearly connect your custom domain to your new online shop. 

If you're a pro, you might be able to do this step on your own 😉. If not, you need to contact your chosen domain provider. 

Either you or the administrator of your domain provider need to change the mapping of the DNS A Record of your domain: The DNS A Record needs to point to the IP address

After setting up your custom domain this way, you can enter your shop address in the Own shop address field of the sign-up form and go ahead.

What about the SSL certification?

You don't need to take care of the SSL certification. We've got you covered.

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