Connecting Bezala and Netvisor

Hover your mouse over your company's name in Netvisor:

  1. Find the link "API and identifiers" from the dropdown 

  2. On the next page, click on the button "Create new identifier for connecting external software"

  3. A small pop up window appears with a serial number titled "Identifier". Copy this serial number, paste it into the "Identifier ID" field on the "Company" page in Bezala's web version and press "Save" on that same page.

Voucher type
Create a new voucher type in Netvisor called "Kuitit receiptcam" (name should be precisely Kuitit receiptcam without the quotations marks). When the batch is sent from Bezala to Netvisor, vouchers will be created automatically using the aforementioned voucher type.

Rights of interface resources
On the "API resource access rights" in Netvisor give the Bezala integration access rights to resources named "payment", "accounting" and "dimensionlist".

If you've ordered the credit card remainders from Bezala, please also give access rights to resources named "getpurchaseinvoice" and "purchaseinvoicelist".

Cost centers
Cost centers can be fetched from Netvisor to Bezala by pressing the button "Fetch data" on the "Cost centers" page in Bezala's web version.


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