Daily fetching of Eurocard transactions costs 350 €/year + 24% VAT (charged by Eurocard).

Credit card reminders will be charged by Bezala according to the prices agreed in your Bezala contract.

Connecting Bezala and Eurocard

  1. Fill in the form behind this link and send it to Eurocard to the address

    "Expense management system" box should be filled in as follows:

    Expense management system: Bezala
    Supplier: Renance - Automated Financial Services Oy
    Choose the following service: Daily transaction files

  2. Ask for the Bezala user IDs (Eurocard needs these to establish the connection) from Bezala's support chat or from

  3. Send the filled-in form to Eurocard. Please also inform the Bezala support by sending a confirmation message to

When signing up, Eurocard can send up to 3-month-old transactions to Bezala.

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