Mandatory fields:

  • name
  • email address (the user will receive the invite and instructions via email)

Please also fill in these details:

  • user's IBAN
  • user's SSN

The user can also fill in these two fields themselves by accessing their profile in the web version.

You can save default settings for the user:

  • expense account 
  • payment method 
  • cost center/s

You can also change the per diem and mileage categories if the user doesn't receive the travel reimbursements according to the yearly tax authority rates.

An user can have one or more of the following Bezala roles:

  • Employee (the basic role; can save expenses and be an approved if needed)
  • Manager (can edit company settings) 
  • Accountant (can view all transactions) 

Please also remember to save an approval cycle for the user. Detailed instructions can be found here:

More information on how to add a new payment method for the users:    





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