Unenrolling vs. Taking a Leave of Absence

  • Unenrolling is when a student decides to end their program and has no desire of continuing the program in the future. Students enrolled in degree programs may consider switching to a certificate program as an alternative.
  • A Leave of Absence (LOA) is when a student needs to pause their program. It is most appropriate when a student needs to step entirely out of a developmental training process for a period of time. Assessments and payments are paused during that time, and resume when the student returns to active status.

Requesting an Unenrollment or a Leave of Absence

Students must submit their request to unenroll or take a Leave of Absence to the Antioch School in writing (email is fine).

  1. Students can submit their request to services@antiochschool.edu. Requests for LOA should also indicate when the student plans on returning to the program.
  2. Our staff reviews requests and places payments on hold. If a card is set up for automatic monthly payments, it will no longer be charged.
  3. Requests for refund will be reviewed based on the tuition refund policy under which the student is enrolled.
  4. The student is notified when the request has been approved. Students unenrolling will receive an unenrollment letter mailed to them.
  5. Students on LOA should notify services@antiochschool.edu when they are ready to return to an active status in their program.
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