1. Does the Antioch School provide tax form 1098-T?

No. We do not provide tax forms such as the IRS Form 1098-T as the Antioch School is not eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid at this time. However, we are able to provide you with an official letter stating your admission status and/or an account statement listing your payments.

You can download your account statement in BILD Cloud from your profile under "Payments."

2. How do I access my account statement in BILD Cloud?

Go to your profile, then click on "Payments." You can print a copy of your account statement. The "Remaining Schedule" table represents the remainder of your payment schedule for your program.

3. How do I request an official Antioch School transcript?

Students must submit their official transcript requests in writing by mail or by email to records@antiochschool.edu. Students should indicate who and where they need their transcript sent. There is no fee for normal service and delivery. Expedited delivery charges, if needed, will be billed to the student.

4. How do I request a program transfer?

Students desiring to transfer to a different program (e.g. from M.Th. to M.Min.; B.Min. to C.Min., etc.), must submit their request in writing by mail or by email to services@antiochschool.edu. Requests will be reviewed by the Academic Dean. Program tuition and fees will be reviewed accordingly.

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