Students needing the Antioch School to fill-out external, third-party Loan Deferment and Enrollment Status Verification requests can submit them to

Students should be aware of the following definitions (unless the forms submitted indicate otherwise):

  • Full-time enrollment is at least 12 semester hours of credit during a semester.
  • Half-time (or "Part-time") enrollment is at least 6 semester hours of credit during a semester.
  • A semester is a 6-month period based on date of admission.

Our distance education programs allow for learning to occur in-service and in the context of students' church communities and ministry situations.

Because we are not a traditional institution where students formally enroll into online courses, we do not confirm "Full-time," "Half-time," or "Part-time" enrollment statuses without the doing following:

  1. Verifying with the student what courses and program elements are being pursued in that semester.
  2. Documenting the courses and program elements that the student is pursuing during that semester.

Note: a student cannot reuse the same courses and program elements to verify a "Full-time," "Half-time," or "Part-time" enrollment status for a different semester.

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