Students enrolled in handbooks issued prior to October 2018 have the option to switch to the latest Handbook program requirements.

New Program Overviews

1. Life & Ministry Development

Simplified requirements:

  • LifeN integrates Personal Development Assessments (PDA) and Personal Development Plans (PDP). Quarterly assessments no longer required.
  • Credit earned for completing the Motivated Abilities Pattern.

2. Core Training Modules (Leadership Series I Courses)

List of core Leadership Series I courses revised. Courses removed:

  • Habits of the Heart
  • Covenants, Unity of Scripture and Biblical Worldview

3. Revised Competency Sets

Check out the new competency sets.

  • The new competency sets align better with course units.
  • Competency requirements are clearer and easier to understand.

4. Ministry and Teaching Practicums

More credit earned for intentional, practical ministry and teaching learning experiences.

  • Ministry Practicum requirement now worth 12 credits.

Teaching Practicum requirements revised: 

  • Requirement worth 12 credits.
  • Leadership Series Teaching Practicums removed.
  • Teaching Practicum requirements: The First Principles Series I, II, III, and The Story.

Please Note: Any work students have done for old program requirements that don't apply to the new program requirements will no longer appear in their BILD Cloud portfolio once they switch to the October 2018 Handbook.

Students enrolled in handbooks issued prior to October 2018 can request to switch to the October 2018 Handbook program requirements.

  1. From BILD Cloud, click on the "Switch to the New Handbook" button.
  2. Submit your request to switch handbooks or ask for more information.
  3. Once your desire to switch to the October 2018 Handbook program requirements is confirmed, our staff will record the handbook change and update your program portfolio in BILD Cloud.
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