I’ve been in ministry for 25 years, do I automatically get credit toward my Ministry Practicum requirement?

No. Credit is not granted for ministry experience. Credit is granted for evidence of learning through ministry experience. Usually, this means that you went into the experience with clear learning goals, engaged in the experience with the goals in mind, and evaluated on learning accomplished through the experience.

It is possible that you have been doing the same things over and over for 25 years without ever learning or improving. Ministry Practicum credit is for learning that comes through ministry experience.

I’ve been teaching BILD resources in my church, do I automatically get credit toward my Teaching Practicum requirement?

No. Credit is granted for learning associated with your teaching experience. You must show how you used the teaching experience to help yourself learn better some area of content in the BILD resources.

Why do I need a Teaching Practicum if I don’t want to be a teacher (or am already a good teacher)?

The Teaching Practicum is not primarily a teacher-training experience. Rather, it is an opportunity for students to learn the content of BILD resources better by teaching them.

Practicum Manual (PDF)

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