What do I do if I don’t think I can afford an Antioch School program?

Ask some hard questions.

1. What is the real problem?

  • Is money a smokescreen for another problem?
  • Is it really an issue of financial priorities?
  • Are you committed to leadership development? Will you be in the church-based theological education program, even if not enrolled in the Antioch School?
  • Is your BILD Local Mentor leading you well?

 2. How might you find the money?

  • Family and Friends
  • Employers and Community

 3. How should your church help? After all, this is church-based theological education.

  • Have you made the need known to your church or ministry organization?
  • Have you made it a matter of prayer for your church or ministry organization?
  • Have you asked anyone, particularly a leader?
  • Has an offering been taken for you?
  • Might it be built into the church budget (Leadership development, Church planting, Missions)?
  • Could you combine it with a staff internship with the church?
  • Have you approached those who support short-term mission-type funding?
  • Have you pursed opportunities within your denomination (local, regional, national)?
  • Have you asked anyone to “Sponsor a student” for a month, year, or program (send pictures for fridge)?
  • Have you asked other students to pay low cost tuition twice to support one who can’t afford to pay once?
  • Might your church establish a loan fund as a perennial support of students?
  • Could Sunday School classes or small groups take on support of students?
  • Could someone help pay for part of the program (Portfolio System, BILD Courses, Tuition half, first month, fourth year)?
  • Are you planning now to ask future alumni to give?
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