What are some of the most common problems faced when trying to launch Antioch School programs?

Philosophical Dissonance.

  • “Our core leaders are not united on how to approach church-based training.”

Limited Resources.

  • “We don't have enough staff to sustain the added teaching and mentoring.”
  • “We haven't attracted emerging leaders who want a degree.”
  • “We have a key leader who is in transition.”

Competing Priorities.

  • “We've just started a new ministry focus.”
  • “We're in the midst of a building program.”
  • “We're having a church conflict.”
  • “We're too busy servicing present ministry commitments.”

In order to launch successfully, you need to be very alert to these problems. We offer an e-Workshop and are available by phone or email to help if you don’t know what to do.

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