Your invoices are sent by us and delivered to your customers from the email address with your company name first.

In the email message by clicking on the blue View invoice button a chat window opens, where your customer can download the invoice, mark it as paid, pay it (if you've enabled online payments), create a cash receipt and much more. All attachments can be found in the chat window and viewed.

If for some reason your customer doesn't want to use the chat, by clicking on "Click here to download PDF" in the email message a PDF file will be downloaded.

You customer can either write into the chat window or reply directly to the email, both answer will be displayed in your Inbox.

Own email address/SMTP

Billdu enables to send emails from your own email address by using SMTP settings. You will need to know your exact SMTP mail settings. Contact your mail administrator or consult the documentation to your email client. 

Note: It's not possible to use Inbox on the website and send or get replies to your messages with this setting. The Inbox works only with Billdu's mailing system.
When you use the SMTP method to send emails, invoices and other documents will be sent as PDF attachments.

How to set up your email address:

  • Navigate to Settings Document SettingsEmail settings

  • As an Email sending method choose SMTP

  • Enter your Login (mostly email address), password, SMTP server address, port and security settings (SSL/TLS). That information should be available in a user guide to your mail client. You can also contact your mail administrator in order to obtain those data.

  • Click on the Connection test to test if the connection was established successfully. If everything's correct, a green message 'SMTP test successful' appears. Now your email messages will be routed via your mail server and delivered from your email address

If an error message appears during a test or when sending an email, forward it to your system admin or consult a user guide to your mail client. The error message is a reply from your mail server informing you about the nature of the problem. 


Note: It may be necessary to contact your system/mail provider to enable access for Billdu's mail server. We are using Amazon AWS located in Ireland.

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