Your invoices are sent by us and delivered to your customers from the email address with your company name first.

In the email message by clicking on the blue View invoice button a chat window opens, where your customer can download the invoice, mark it as paid, pay it (if you've enabled online payments), create a cash receipt and much more. All attachments can be found in the chat window and viewed.

If for some reason your customer doesn't want to use the chat, by clicking on "Click here to download PDF" in the email message a PDF file will be downloaded.

You customer can either write into the chat window or reply directly to the email, both answer will be displayed in your Inbox.

How to change the outgoing email address

Navigate to Settings - Client communication and turn in the switcher for "Send with iOS mail" or "Send with mail app"

On iOS devices Billdu will use your native iOS mail app to send emails.

On Android devices Billdu will check, if you use Gmail, otherwise it opens a dialog with multiple choices to send.

Note: When you use your own email app instead of Billdu, invoices and other documents will be sent as PDF attachments from your email application and email address. The Inbox works only with Billdu's mailing system so it's not possible to use the Inbox to get replies.

Add or change the email address in your mail app


You can add another email address to your iOS device and switch between the email accounts while sending invoices – click here to learn more. You can select from which address your emails are delivered. Set a primary email address in your mobile device settings under Settings – Mail – Default account. 


If you've set a default mail app for Billdu and would like to change it, take a look here

Undelivered emails and spam

Take a look here if your email messages land in spam or aren't delivered.

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