Sharing documents is an elegant way to send your documents. Send links instead of PDF files, your clients can see, pay, download and even rate your online invoices fast and effortlessly.


  • In the Documents section click on Invoices

  • A list of all invoices appears

  • Click on Menu (three dots) on an invoice and select Copy online link

  • The link icon is also visible in the invoice preview 

  • A green message appears Online link has been successfully copied to your Clipboard

  • Now you can paste the online link with CTRL+V or Command+V anywhere - e.g. to Messenger, Twitter, Slack or to an email message


  • In the main menu tap on Documents and tap on Invoices

  • Select and tap on the desired invoice you want to share 

  • In the upper row click on the Share icon

  • Billdu uses the sharing system of your mobile device. The Billdu app looks up all apps which are suitable for posting and sharing content

  • Now you can select an appropriate app (e.g. Messages, Messenger, Whatsapp) or copy to clipboard

  • A new message in that app will be created with a default text and an online link

  • You can alter the text if needed and send the link


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