Short answer: YES! You will be able to choose who is going to review your products and create a video for you 🤩

Once your task is reviewed and approved by Billo team, you'll be notified by email and creators will start applying to your task.

You'll be able to choose the ones you'd like to work with from the list of interested creators 🚀

Up to 20 Creators can apply to a 1 video task, and an additional 10 application slots will open with every additional video unit 😎

Check out this gif below to see what the process of choosing the creators looks like. The task name is listed on top, and you can see up to 3 previously created videos by each creator before you make the choice 🤓

If you want to work with a creator you can ✅ APPROVE them or, if you don't want to work with a creator, you can ❌ REJECT them.

If you need to pre-collect information from your creators, or have a personalized product, we suggest creating a Product Preferences form as soon as you create your task


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