We do ask for brands to send their products to the creators, so they can try using them on their own and show the product in the video.

You’ll find creators' addresses under Delivery section in the main toolbar on Billo Manage or on the Product delivery page of the task. Addresses of the creators appear straight after you approve the creators you want to work with.

Please ship the products to Billo creators and update delivery information on Billo in 2 days after you approve creators' applications.

How do I input the tracking information?

  1. On the Delivery Page of the Main Toolbar, OR in the Product Delivery tab of the Task Page 🚚 you will see:

    1. Due to Ship - these are the items that need to be shipped out to your creators

    2. Shipped - these are the items that are already marked as shipped

  2. You will see "Mark as shipped"

  3. Provide the shipping details 📦 The app will automatically detect the courier

  4. Press Confirm and the creator should be moved to the "Shipped" tab


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