Whether it be The GENEIUS Ad-vantage, Geneius Ad-vantage plus or any other of our bundles/courses... you can access them all at your Student Portal located at:
We have found that sometimes, if you already have an profile in our Student Portal, your purchase may not show up immediately (integration can sometimes get hung up because of an existing profile, but no worries, just request manual access through the chat below.)
Don't know your Login or Password?
When you FIRST signed up with us, you should have received an email with your login information.  If you don't recall that login info, or if you'd like to jump in right away instead of searching through your email, here's how you login in:
Login:  Your Email Address (The one you signed up with.)
Password:  If you don't remember your password, no problem!  Just click the "Forgot Password" link and you'll get an email to reset your password.
Still having problems logging in?  Make sure you're entering the email address you used to purchase.  If you still can't login, or are receiving any type of error message, please chat us! 

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