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You will be able to find bookmarks as a sub-menu to the models page. This page is part of the content panel.
Bookmarks will remember how you were looking at the model and what models were loaded when the bookmark was made.

If there is a specific set of models that you open and work with it can often take time to click the 3D button of each model.

If you play the bookmark you will be taken to the position you were at when the bookmark was made.
The models that were loaded when the bookmark was made will also be loaded in the 3D viewer when the bookmark is played

Starred bookmarks

Starred bookmarks will appear on your dashboard. If you click the play button the 3D view will open with a recreation of the bookmark.


New bookmark

Here are the steps to adding a new bookmark:

You are on the "Bookmarks" tab

  1. Click on "New Bookmark"

2. "Take a snapshot" of your bookmark

3. Add a description (optional)

4. Sharing

You can choose to share or not your "private bookmark / share with the project"

5. Models and revisions

You have two options: either to always "follow the latest revision" of your selected models or to permanently lock the bookmark to these current revisions "Lock to original revisions".

6. "Create."

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