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Sharepoint Library

This article describes how to set up a connection to Sharepoint

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👀 Update 🤩:

we have now added a new Access Control level on the Sharepoint root folder, so you can determine who is allowed to access this library on your project.


When documents are uploaded from a SharePoint document-library to Catenda the sharepoint rest-api is used (via the pnpjs library).

Since these permissions are granted to spfx-solutions OOTB no additional grant needs to be made.

The following grants will be needed for the app to access the Catenda backend.

Only delegated permissions are used with the following scopes:

Through the Catenda SharePoint-app the SharePoint users can give Catenda access to their SharePoint environment.
The access above is only used to approve the sharing of documents to the users Catenda project.
Documents in the SharePoint environment can then be shared from the SharePoint to any Catenda project where the user has write access in the documents section.
Documents that are shared to Catenda are limited by what document the user themselves decides to share to Catenda.

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