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Where is my order?
Where is my order?

Ordered from us and wondering where your parcel may be? Not a worry!

Updated over a week ago

All of our orders can be tracked using our Binopotrack service. Here you can find live status updates of your parcel, including when they are on your way to you, when they are out for delivery, or any unexpected updates to your delivery.

You can track your order using either:

  • Your order number & email

  • The tracking number provided in your order confirmation

In the rare case your order is being shipped via a local courier, your tracking details may not show correctly, but please be assured your order is on the way!

If you have multiple items in your order, the remainder of your order may not be shown in the tracking link in the case it is coming from a different warehouse. Please contact us if you would like updates about the second half of your delivery.

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