Biovault Family does not store whole blood. Instead we volume reduce every cord blood sample in our care.

Freezing whole blood is a cheaper and simpler option for private cord blood banks when it comes to processing umbilical cord samples for stem cell storage. So why doesn't Biovault Family store whole blood?

We remove red blood cells and plasma from each umbilical cord sample ( volume reduced).

Whole Blood

Cord blood samples that have not been volume reduced but stored as whole blood have to be "washed" before being used for a treatment. This is to remove the red cells that can be toxic to the person receiving the blood. This washing process can cause a significant loss of valuable stem cells.

The safest way to prevent such an issue with your cord blood is to remove the red cells at the beginning of the processing of the umbilical cord sample. .

Our first consideration is the safe storage of as many of your child's stem cells as possible so that if that child or another member of your family every requires treatment the chance of success with be as high as possible.

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