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Damages & Non-Returns (Borrowers)
Damages & Non-Returns (Borrowers)
Updated over a week ago

Our shared wardrobe thrives on gently loved Borrows! Please treat all items with care — as if you were borrowing from your best friend. We want the piece you feel confident in to radiate on the next Borrower who receives the item.

In the event of minor damage, Bipty reserves the right to charge the Borrower the cost to repair the item. Minor damages include, but are not limited to, removable stains, broken zippers, inconspicuous rips or snags, and/or other minor damages.

If the item is excessively damaged, beyond repair, lost, stolen, or otherwise not returned, Bipty reserves the right to charge the Borrower up to the total estimated market value of the item.

We request that all Borrowers take photos of the item’s condition upon arrival to document the condition.

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