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How to Return

  1. Place the unwashed piece back in the same package it arrived in with the included return label.

    • You can find a digital version of the return label in your inbox from

    • If you are Borrowing multiple items, double check which label goes with which item to ensure you are shipping back to the correct Lender. Need to clarify which item goes with which label? Contact us before shipping via the live chat on the site. Borrowers are liable for additional fees and losses due to incorrect shipping.

  2. On the morning of the last day of your Borrow period, drop the item off at your local UPS store, NOT USPS.

  3. Take a picture of the tracking receipt given to you by UPS to document the drop-off. We'll reference this photo as proof of return in the case of lost shipments or delays.

Please Note: Items dropped off at USPS, in a dropbox, or otherwise without a drop off receipt that do not start tracking on the 7th day from the Borrow End date will considered to be stolen/lost.

Do I clean before returning?

Please return your Borrow unwashed to prevent accidental damages. A cleaning fee is accounted for in the total Borrow price you see on the site which covers general cleaning.

Additional cleaning for stain removal or repair will be charged as a damage repair fee accordingly.

I need a return label.

All Borrows come with a return label inside. If you did not receive a return label or if you misplaced it, you can print the digital copy emailed to you from

I lost the packaging.

If you lost the packaging that the piece arrived in, you may use any poly or bubble mailer that is 9”x12” or smaller.

Contact us if it the package is larger than 9”x12” so we can create a new shipping label to ensure the package is not lost by UPS. Borrowers are liable for packages lost in transit due to incorrect shipping dimensions.

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