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Late Returns & Extensions
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Will I be charged a late return fee?

If you are late in returning, you will be charged $10 for each day your return is not tracking after the Borrow end date.

An item is considered stolen if it has not been returned by the 7th day from your Borrow End date and you will be charged the full retail value of the item in addition to late return fees.

Please note most Borrows are back-to-back so on-time returns are important for the next bestie to enjoy their Borrow. If you are unable to return your item on time, contact us via the live chat button on the site immediately so we can plan the next Borrow accordingly.

Always get a tracking receipt from UPS in the event you need to prove your on-time drop-off.

DO NOT drop off via USPS. All returns must be made via UPS.

Items dropped off at USPS, in a dropbox, or otherwise without a drop off receipt that do not start tracking on the 7th day from the Borrow End date will considered to be stolen/lost.

Can I Borrow it for longer?

If you would like to extend your Borrow, contact us via the live chat button on the site to inquire about an extension. We will see if there are any conflicting Borrows and get approval from the Lender.

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