Did you know that you can click on the wellbeing dashboard boxes to track metrics over time? This does not only enable you to better understand how your loved is going, it also helps our medical team to track wellbeing patterns and inform you in case we notice anything uncommon. Thanks to this ongoing health monitoring, Birdie significantly reduces the risk of hospitalisation for the older adult.

Here is how you can access this information:

  1. Go to the wellbeing dashboard
  2. Click on the wellbeing metric that you would like to track
  3. The screen shows the evolution of this metrics over the last days. By scrolling to the left, you can access earlier weeks as well.
  4. To have an even more detailed overview, you can click on the each day button. This will give you access to the notes that have been shared on that date for this particular metric.

Did you know that you can also be informed in real-time on when your loved one is by clicking on the home activity button on the top of the dashboard?

I hope this article was useful. Do not hesitate to chat with our team or to contact us via email (support@birdie.care) or phone (0203 095 8252) if you have any extra questions.

With love and care,
The Birdie team

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