Their independence. Your Peace of Mind.

Birdie empowers older adults to live at home longer, safer and happier while offering peace of mind to their families. 

Birdie collects both wellbeing information shared by visitors or caregivers and activity captured by our movement sensors in the care recipient's property to keep the family always informed on how their loved one is doing. The Birdie medical team is also there to track health patterns over time. Thanks to this ongoing health monitoring, Birdie significantly reduces the risk of hospitalisation for the older adult.

How does it work?

The Wellbeing Dashboard

The wellbeing dashboard is the Birdie app home screen. It gives you up to date information on the older adult's mood, sleep patterns, meds intake and many more well being metrics at a glance. This enable you to check how your loved one is doing. Anytime, anywhere.

When clicking on the dashboard boxes, you access a more detailed wellbeing evolution over time. This is also super valuable information for our medical team.

The Timeline

The Birdie timeline shows you all the latest wellbeing updates or messages from the care circle. To view the details of the updates, you just have to click on the icons on the timeline.

In a few clicks, you can also share messages or wellbeing updates yourself.

Sharing a Wellbeing Update

Sharing valuable information on the older adult's wellbeing has never been that easy!

  1. You will have the option to share a message, a voice recording or a picture.
  2. By clicking on the wellbeing boxes, you will be invited to inform the care circle on the older adult's mood, physical wellbeing, meds intake and other more metrics. You could also raise a particular concern that will be flagged to the care circle.
  3. You can also add a note or a picture as complement of information in each of the wellbeing boxes.
  4. Once you share the wellbeing update, it will be accessible to the rest of the care circle in real time. 

Birdie tip: Make sure that your loved one's caregivers are sharing their visit reports here. This will bring super valuable information to the timeline and the wellbeing dashboard.

The Home activity

If you have requested for the movement-sensors, you will be informed where your loved one is in real time. You will also receive customized alerts on your timeline if our medical teams noticed suspicious activity (falls, bathroom dwelling, front door opened, night bedroom absence...).
You can tailor this alerts in the settings. For instance, you could decide to be alerted for bedroom absence only between 10pm and 6am.

For a permanent peace of mind, you could also ask for the Birdie camera giving you live access to your loved one's property directly from the Birdie app.

My Care Support

The Birdie team is very happy and always there to help. Go to your care support page to see how we could help with anything related to your loved one's care!

  1. Our Care Manager is available to guide you with care advices. With 20 years of experience in elderly care, Tracey is here to answer your questions via chat or on the phone.
  2. We also simplify the way you organize your loved one's everyday life. In a few clicks, you could order a meal delivery from the app, book transportation to the GP or request an handyman.
  3. Eventually, we offer you direct access to GP consultation. With our partner PushDoctor, you or your loved one could speak to a doctor in the next 20 minutes.

I hope this introduction to Birdie helped you to better understand the full potential of the service! Let's make the best out of Birdie now. Why don't you start by inviting family or caregivers to join the care circle? This can be done by clicking on the "flock" icon on the top of the wellbeing dashboard. If you need more help to do this, read more about it here.

With love and care.
The Birdie team

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