If you want to limit your carers' access to only to the clients that they are visiting, this can be done very easily directly from your agency interface.

What if my agency uses rostering software? 

Birdie partners with leading rostering software providers like Careplanner, Staffplan, Civica and Malinko. When the Birdie system links up with these rostering providers, the list of which clients are assigned to a caregiver is pulled directly from the allocation that has been assigned on the rostering schedule, so you won't have to duplicate this information, or complete the process below. 

How does it work if I don't have rostering software?

  1. Select 'Clients' from the menu at the top of your screen and select the name of the client

  2. Click on the 'Care Team' section in the menu on the left hand side of your screen

  3. Tick the box for the Care Staff you wish to have access to the client

Once this is done, only the caregivers who have been given access will be able to report visits and see this client's profile in the Birdie app. The video below may also help you in the process.

What's next? 

Now you're confident assigning clients to carers, would you like to know:

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