Congratulations on joining the Birdie family!  🎆🙌

We've put together a list of things you can do to prepare yourself and your team to get up and running with Birdie.

Step 1: Agency training
The Customer Care team will contact you to agree on a suitable date to carry out a Birdie training session.

During this training session, you will see a demonstration of the agency interface including all of our features designed to make your life easier and the carer app. This is your time to ask any awkward questions, really get a feel for the product and let us know what you'd love to see next. At the end of this session, your account manager will agree a plan and date to get your care agency live and reporting on Birdie.

Step 2: Building your interface

Once you've been introduced to the agency hub you can start creating carer and client profiles by selecting 'Clients' or 'Team' from the menu bar. 

If you're using Birdie with a rostering integration you will notice your agency hub will already have some pre-populated information for your carers and clients, once you've completed your training session you'll be able to add more information to your client's profiles including their religion, ethnicity, medical history and even create a bespoke care plan for them.

Step 3: Caregiver training

The best way to ensure your caregivers are confident using Birdie is to carry out a training day with all your caregivers, where you can support them to download the app and post their first report.

Caregivers can also be enrolled in the Birdie Academy, our online app training program to equip caregivers with all they need to know to be able to start reporting using Birdie. Contact your account manager or the Customer Care team via the live chat in order to find out more.

Step 4: Launch week
Now that all of your carers have downloaded Birdie and have practiced using it to report their visits, we are ready to launch. 

After their training day, carers will be invited to use Birdie to post reports for all of their visits.

Step 5: Going paperless
We know that paperwork takes a lot of agency staff time and can put you at risk of missing important care information, which subsequently can increase the risk of obtaining an undesirable CQC rating. You are ensuring that a high standard of care is being delivered every day, and we want to ensure that your records and reports are of equal quality.

For this reason, we are committing to help you to become 100% paperless within 4 weeks of Birdie launching in your agency, providing the above steps are in place.

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