Your home care agency has joined the Birdie family - congratulations! Here is an overview of what will happen next so that you can prepare yourself and your team in the best possible way. 

Step 1: Agency training
The Customer Care team will contact you to agree on a suitable date to visit you and your admin staff in the agency office.

During this training session, you will see a demonstration of the agency interface and the carer app. Birdie accounts will be created for everyone attending this session, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. 

Step 2: Building the agency interface
In order to get started with Birdie, you will need to ensure that the agency interface is populated with basic information about each of your carers and clients. As we know that this can take some time, we are very happy to support you to do this by setting up everything for you.

In order to complete this piece of work, we will collect the following information:-

Full name and contact telephone number

Full name, and list of allocated carers

We can also help you to build your Task Planner, so that your carers will be able to tick off tasks as they are completed during each visit. 

Step 3: Birdie Day
We will agree a date for the Customer Care team to hold a Birdie Day in your office, and will send text messages to all of your carers inviting them to this important event.

This is a great opportunity for all of your carers to come to meet with the Customer Care team. Staff will be supported to download the app and post their first update, so that they can then go ahead and begin using Birdie with confidence. 

At the end of the day, we will meet with you to provide a comprehensive summary of the day, and to agree a plan of action. 

We will send regular text messages to the carers following the Birdie Day, reminding them to download the app and report their visits. The Birdie Care Manager is on hand to answer any questions or to provide support to the carers at any time.

Step 4: Launch week
Now that all of your carers have downloaded Birdie and have practiced using it to report their visits, we are ready to launch. 

After the Birdie day, carers will be invited to use Birdie to post reports for all of their visits.

During the launch, we will send carers bi-daily SMS reminders, which prompt them to login to Birdie to report their visits. 

Step 5: Going paperless
We know that paperwork takes a lot of agency staff time and can put you at risk of missing important care information, which subsequently can increase the risk of obtaining an undesirable CQC rating. You are ensuring that a high standard of care is being delivered every day, and we want to ensure that your records and reports are of equal quality.

For this reason, we are committing to help you to become 100% paperless within 4 weeks of Birdie launching in your agency, providing the above steps are in place.

If you have any questions about this process, we are always here to help. 

The Birdie Care Team

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