You may have questions about the way in which we ensure compliance with GDPR, and this is completely understandable. We take the handling of sensitive personal data very seriously at Birdie and this article has been created to provide you with some more information.

Unless you have decided to upgrade to our Safe & Well package, where we install remote sensors in your loved one's home to better monitor health and wellbeing, Birdie does not control the data inputted by caregivers, but rather processes it for the care agency. 

We take security very seriously. Because we are a new company, we are GDPR compliant by design. All of our systems, processes and protection measures have been built to meet the latest regulations. Moreover, we are governed by AXA's data privacy rules, which are very stringent. Our processes and systems are reviewed and tested by independent data consultancies on a regular basis.

All data concerning your loved one is encrypted when reported, and access on our mobile desktop is secure. We have a process in place to collect your loved one's consent if they choose for families to be invited to view the reports that have been made. 

Home care is one of the few industries in which paper is still being used. As the Care Quality Commission (CQC) urges the care sector to embrace digital technology, Birdie is proud to be supporting care agencies to make this imperative change. Providing full transparency at the point of care delivery serves as a catalyst, enabling families and agencies to be fully informed and responsive to changing needs.

"Staff can access digital care plans and records more easily. They can record information in real time. This can be quickly and accurately shared to help keep people safe, and highlight key information, such as up to date medical and allergy information."


The full CQC article describing how technology can help answer their 5 key lines of enquiry is available here.

In addition, the National Information Board (NIB), which is charged with developing priorities for data and technology in health and care to deliver the maximum benefit for all stakeholders has proposed that by 2020, all care records will be digital, real time, and interoperable.

Through shifting our focus on how care is delivered and managed by prioritising strong relationships and preventative measures, we can create an elderly care system that drives quality, offers better value for money, and delivers positive outcomes for your loved ones.

Our terms and conditions policy can be found here, and our privacy policy can be found here. If you have further questions regarding the way in which we protect data, please get in touch at

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