Assessing the needs of an older adult is extremely important as they are likely to present with complex conditions and this effectively determines their tailored care plan to ensure a good quality of life.

Carrying out these assessments allow you to build a bigger picture around your client’s life and covers everything from the skills and abilities of the client to their religious, cultural background and support network. As there is so much information to capture, assessments can usually take a long time and the results are often captured on countless sheets of paper.

Until now...

If you have opted in to use our Care Planning Tool feature, you will now be able to assess and document environmental assessments digitally using Birdie.

How to use the Environmental and fire risk assessment in Birdie

Select your client and navigate to their Care plan section, once there you'll find the Assessments below the Care plan categories.

Choose the environmental assessment and then navigate to the area you are assessing and note down any comments or risks you have observed for that area. 

Pro tip: Using the risk areas menu on the right hand side, you'll always know what risk areas you have evaluated.

Assessing your clients digitally will save you time and paper, however if you need to download and print your assessments for any reason you can do this easily using the 'Download PDF' button.

If you want to print your environmental and fire risk assessment, you’ll be given the option to choose which risk areas you want to appear on the PDF document. Only the risk areas with a green tick will appear on the PDF. 

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