Setting the coordinates for a client will allow you to use the geo check-in call monitoring, given you have asked your customer care team to enable this feature.

If you're not using a rostering integration

You need to set the address using the search bar on the client page. This will automatically set the coordinates for this client.

If you're using Careplanner or iCare for rostering

For those the geo-coordinates come from the rostering system, so you need to change the coordinates there.


In the client's Dashboard > Location, you can update the coordinates

If you're using Coldharbour, Staffplan or Malinko for rostering

Since we don't import the coordinates from those rostering providers, you will have to set the coordinates manually in Birdie.

  1.  Go to the client page in Birdie

  2. Click "Edit details"

  3. Scroll down to the "Address" section.

  4. Click on the address and select the relevant one in the dropdown.

  5. Drag the red pin to the correct location (if already in the correct location just move slightly)

 This will set coordinates and enable geo-location.

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