At the end of last year, we released our first assessment - allowing care managers to assess environmental and fire risks in a client's home which was loved by you, our partners and you asked for us to give you more assessments! Which is why we're happy to release our latest assessment - the mental capacity assessment 🎉

If you have our Care Planning Tool feature, you'll now be able to assess and document mental capacity assessments digitally using Birdie. 

Our mental capacity assessment has been closely designed with the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and CQC guidelines in mind. The mental capacity assessment allows care recipients and their loved ones to be confident that are included in any decisions regarding their care and lives and even in the event of the care recipient no longer having capacity to make decisions, knowing the decisions made on their behalf are in their best interest. Above all the mental capacity assessment ensures that a care recipient's human rights are respected. 

Select your client and navigate to their Care plan section, once there you'll find the mental capacity assessment below the Care plan categories.

Choose the mental capacity assessment and then specify what area you are assessing, for example if you were using the MCA to assess your client's ability to make their own financial decisions you would name it a financial assessment. Answer the questions associated with the assessment and leave any comments until you reach the conclusion of the assessment. 

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