In order to provide the best care for your care recipients, you may need to assess the level of support needed for their medication provision. You can do this, easily and digitally on Birdie using our medication risk assessment.

We've built the medication assessment in line with both CQC and NICE guidelines. This means the medication assessment will allow you to make informed decisions and support the autonomy and independence of care recipients, allowing you to record concerns and build a personalised approach when managing their medication and reduce any potential medication errors.

How to use the medication risk assessment on Birdie

Select your client and navigate to their Care plan section and scroll down to find the medication risk assessment.

Go through each of the questions in the following sections in the assessment; Administration support, types of medication, current medication, medication risks, functional, prescriptions, collecting, storing and disposing until you have completed the assessment for the care recipient.

Top tip: Click on the subheadings on the right-hand side to move between sections easily.

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