Person-centred care is a huge priority for you our partners, which makes it a huge priority for us here at Birdie. We have improved our About Me section to enable you to create person-centred client profiles which can be populated over time.

Create a care plan that is properly person-centred using the new About Me section. It allows you to capture a whole host of information including an individual's likes, dislikes, preferred name, and routine preferences - right down to how they like their tea served. It's the detail that makes the difference.

Personal details

We've expanded Personal details to help you capture not only your client's name, DOB, and NHS number but their preferred name, pronoun, and build any life highlights or background that may impact their care or help your caregivers build a picture of the client they are supporting.

Personal identity

Previously you could record if care recipients practised any religion and now you can expand on whether their religious beliefs have any effect on the way they need to be supported. You can also note down their sex, gender, and sexual orientation. In order to build a complete personal identity for your client, you can also record any jobs, significant places, important people, and carer preferences.

Key contacts

In this section, you can add NoK or emergency contact details to the agency hub and document if care can be discussed with this person.

Future planning

The old About me section allowed you to record if a client had a DNAR in place as well as any health and wellbeing power of attorney information but now you can also record if they have a financial power of attorney and if they have an ADRT or ReSPECT in place.

Agency admin

The RAG status previously sat in the personal details section, it has now been moved to the agency admin alongside information on the family involvement. Here, you can also add how the client's care is funded and add a local authority number if they have one.

Prefer to watch a video? no problem, the below video will guide you through the information above

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